Seagirt Sailing Adventures

Seagirt Sailing Adventures offers educational sailing vacations in the Pacific Northwest.

Join us for a trip through the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast, or to the fabulous Desolation Sound. Enjoy a beautiful BC summer on the water, sailing from one amazing anchorage to the next and earn your Sail Canada Basic Cruising certification at the same time.

Embarking on a Sailing Adventure
Helming a Sailboat

Why Learn With Seagirt Sailing Adventures?

Because it's about you!

  • Our courses are private; it’s just you and up to 3 people you invite (plus your instructor, of course!)

  • You choose how much time is spent learning and how much time is spent relaxing.

  • We will hold the course anywhere you choose from Sooke to Desolation Sound and beyond.

Where Will Your Adventure Take You?

Seagirt Sailing Adventures will host your course in the location of your choice. Our standard cruising areas are the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast and Desolation Sound. But if there is somewhere else you would like the course hosted, contact us. We are happy to customize the course to match your dream.

For Gulf Island adventures, courses start from the North Saanich Marina.

Sunshine Coast courses can start in Nanaimo, Gibsons or Horseshoe Bay. You select the jumping off point; we will get the boat there.

For Desolation Sound adventures, we suggest the course start in Comox or Campbell River.

Gulf Islands

Gulf Islands

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast

Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound

Our Courses

Intro to Sailing

Intro To Sailing

Basic Cruising

Basic Cruising

Build Your Own

Build Your Own Course


The base Seagirt Sailing Adventure is 5 days, and 4 nights in the Gulf Islands.

If you prefer a longer adventure, you can add extra days.

For other locations, there is a destination fee to cover getting the boat to and from the cruising area.

Base Price$4500
Sunshine Coast+$1500
Desolation Sound+$2500
Extra Day+$900
Danza Vento sailboat

The Boat

Danza Vento is a Jeanneau 39i. She is a well equipped boat making for a comfortable adventure.

3 double berth cabins (one for the instructor, 2 for the students)electric fridge & propoane stoveup-to-date electronicsample storageinflatible tender2 kayaksmainsail, jib, code-0, cruising spinnaker, storm sails

Your Instructor

Carl Neilson has been sailing since his childhood on keelboats. Spending many family vacations on the family sailboat, Chanterelle, a Spencer 31. Carl also crewed on Chanterelle in many club races around Vancouver and Victoria.

Later, Carl would take his spouse and kids on vacations on Chanterelle, continuing the exploration of the amazing cruising grounds around Vancouver Island.

In 2016, Carl and his wife Rebecca purchased Danza Vento in Spain with the intention of bringing her home to the Pacific Northwest to start up Seagirt Sailing Adventures. But before she came home, Danza Vento took Carl, Rebecca and numerous geusts around the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic, and ultimately to Florida. Danza Vento then hopped aboard a freighter for the rest of the ride home.

Now Carl wants to share his passion for sailing with others aboard Danza Vento.

Seagirt Sailing Instructor